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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the man accused of killing her. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> today potential jurors filled out an 11-page questionnaire to be seated in the trial of ingmar guandique. pat llins has more. >> reporter: it has been more than nine years since she went missing and now finally, finally the case of chandra levy is going to trial. accused killer 29-year-old ingmar guandiq. in a yellow turtleneck. in a brown sport jacket. and a neatly trimmed hair cut. much dferenthan the way he looked last year when he was brought to town to be charged in the murder of chandra levy. guandique, an illegal immigrant from el salvador currently doing time for assaulting two other women in rock creek park.
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prosecutors plan to use those rock creek park attack to prove guandique killed levy. here a defense attorney familiar with the levy case. >> governmt will try argue that the method he used was his signature. with the way that he attacked his women, it was no different than the way chandra levy was attacked. >> reporter: much of the evidence against guandique is circumstantial. said that could be problematic for the prosecutio >> i think the government lacks direct evidence. anything with would link him to the scene of the crime. no dna, no other fiber or clothing, a hair, something that would make it more difficult for the defense to explain why he n't guilty. >> reporter: chandra levy. this is one of the most sensational murder cases in the history of d.c. crime. may woorng 2001, wasngton intern chandra levy goes jogging and then goes missing.
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chandra is linked to affair with married california congressman gary condit. the case gets international attention. condit denied any role in chandra's disappearance. there were scores of searches but no sig of chandra. then may 2002. chandra's remains found in rock creek park. found by a man walking his dog. last wing mar guandique charged with kidnapping sexually assaulting and kidnapping chdra levy. now jury selection should take most of this week. testimony should begin next week. one of the expected witnesses, former congressman gary condit. back to you. >> all right. pat collins reporting from d.c. superior court. thank you. the federal judge who stopped the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is
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holding a hearing right now on the government's appeal of that ruling. the u.s. district judge virginia phillips is scheduled to decide whether that policy can be enforced during the appeal. at the aring today, she'll flare both sides of the issue. don't ask don't tell was issued ba in 1993. under that la the military cannot enquire into a service member's sexual orientation or punish them for it long as the service member keeps it to his or herself. the dc9 club remained closed after the death of a man allegedly assaulted by five of the employees. they're all due back in court next month. four employees and one of the bar's owners appeared in court saturday. they were initially arrested on second-degree murder charges but those charge were reduced to assault. ali mohamed died last week. police say he was denied entry to the u street nightclub
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because it was closing. he allegedly spond by throwing a brick through the front window. police say the five men chasd him down the street and assaulted him. the charges could be elevated if the death is ruled a homicide. >> reporter: a high school student is in intensive care after fell three stories. derrick ward is at mckinley tech high school with more on this. r by all accounts, keon blake is bright kid. the esprents transpired at the homecoming dance that had his parents troubled and perplexed ha him in intensive care. >> i don't think we have gotten to where we need to be in understandinwhat happened to our son. >> reporter: it was friday evening, homecoming.
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17-year-old keon blake was in another part of the school where there was an atrium. what happened next perplexes his parents. his parents say hwas acting strangely, possibly under the influence. they say an adult approach him and he ran and fell over a railing. >> it was three stories high to the ground level which was four stories at the end of a marble atrium. there is no way i can understand that. how did he get there? i don't know. >> reporter: keon is in intensive care with massive sgri injuries. >> we just saw footage two frames of him. >> two frames. that's it. it i good that he's still alive. >> there are parts you can see and not see. we saw the young man when he wentver the cliff, evidence ove ledge. these are motion activated
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cameras. heent out of the frame oh a four-story drop. >> reporter: while the police report does allude to drug use, his parents say he is not a drug user. he was not a drug user. so that's the whole issue. okay? he did notet drugs from home when he came to school. he was not under any influence when he came to school. >> he is not a pot head. he is not pot head at all. >> reporter: the investigation continues as keon's family come to terms with now having a son who was healthy one day and now faces a long road to recovery. >> he came to school in one piece. but when we were called, he was at the trauma center. >> reporter: as you can imagine, it was very difficult for his parents to watch that footage as brief as it was of their son before the fall. they left here today and went straight to the hospital where he is undergoing a procedure at this hour. the investigation continues with d.c. police and school
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authorities. we're alive in northeast. back to you. >> derrick ward, thanks. an arlington county school bus hit a pedestrian. an elderl woman is in critical condition. the crash happened at the intersection of south eight road. 12 students were on the bus when it happen. police don't believe the children saw it happen. the cause of the accident is under investigation. police are looking for whoever it was tt shot into a museum dicated to the u.s. marine corps. it happened over the weekend at the united states core heritage museum in triangle, virginia. police say somebody opened fi and hit the upper level windows of the building. nobody was injured. none of the artifactsas ruined. it will cost about $20,000 to replace all those windows. for the first time in three and a half years, they are checking out books and issuing library cards at the orgetown public library today. a fire gutted large portions of the collection in 2007.
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today cal leaders joined library staff and d.c. school students for the long-awaited ribbon cutting. during renovations, they tried to preserve the historic look of the library but this is bigger and better. >> $17.9 milon later, we're here with more space, a w outdoor reading terrace, new public access computers, new dedication of space for tens, a new children's room. >> on the third floor of the library is the historic pea body check. it includes the 1776edition of the maryland gaza wet the full text of the declaration of independence. i guess could you say close but no cigar which is no consolatioto the ball players because they hate losing as much as many of the rest of us. do there's concern over chris cooley. what's up with him? >> there is a little concern no matter what you just said about the team dealing with the
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frustrating loss but he is still a little groggy today. he did suffer a concussion in yesterday's game. and obviously, the redskins, that is verymportant to have him reevaluated. he'll be seen by a specialist. they hope he'll be able to play next sunday. this situation has become very, very serious with the nfl. cooley is such a force for the redskins bloc swell receiving. the team's second leading receiver. he has been a reas the redskins have produced to be able to stay in the mix late in game. yesterday, he had five catch, 37 yards but suffered a concussion early in the game. continueto play through it. the fact that he did that had mike shanahan today saying how tough of a character he really is. >> i can't speak for chris. you'll to have ask him. he is a competitor. probably didn't think it was anything big. we can see very clear reply something was wrong and that's why he was out. >> you never know.
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>> from what i've heard it happened early in the game and he kept playing. my hat is off to him. he kept playing. but when you have a concussion, you have toake it serious. >> mike sellars talking about his teammate chris cooley. playing influenthrough it. the we'll haveuch more coming up in sports. >> we'll see new few minutes. some parts of our area have seen some rain today. doug kammerer has our first forecast. the good news is, most of that rain is moving out of area. there is more rain to come overnight into early portions of tomorrow. let's take a look at what's happening out ere. 66 degrees out there right now. take a look at the live digital doppler. nothing around the immediate ar. this is the past four hours. we w the showers making their way through over toward northern prince george's county and around the baltimore area.
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the showers are now out of here. there is mre now back toward garrett county into maryland. we're going to watch those string through the evening hours. 'll continue to watch these showers as we move through the day. 66 degrees, the current temperature. you can see more rain toward parts of the pennsylvania area. we will continue to watch that little frontal boundary di to the south. that means a few showers overnight. especially into tomorrow morning. you may need the umbrella as well. >> thank you. the police chief in anne ardel county, maryland, wants to know how his office declared a woman dead when in fact she was not. they found 89-year-old ruth johnson who lived in severna park not breathing and blue in the face. the officers declared h to be dead. they had nothecked for a pulse. instead, they called johnson's son and told him that his mother was dead.
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three hours later, an employee the state anatomy board showed up to check her body. he noticed that she was alive. johnson now is in hospice care. the police chief says the facts are deeply disturbing. today, he said he is demanding a thorough investigion. coming up, two men were killed in a shooting at a tennessee post office. candidates in full force about two week ago with a mid-term election. pakistan's interior minist
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bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made er $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increaselass sizes. that not a budget.
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and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leer... we can trust. a shooting in tennessee. two guys walked into the rural post office and killed two women who worked in the post office. it all happened this morning in the small town in tennessee about 45 miles northeast of memphis. the fbi is joined local authorities in trying to find those two guys. highway patrol officials say they're on the run and a burgundy box time chevy. they're considered armed and dangerous. police believe robbery was probably, at least possibly the motive for the shooting. it all happened in the home town of the author of the book roots. the author wassal he can haley, of course. that post offi was half a mile
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from the museum dedicated to haley. france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack. saudi intelligence warnz warned that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula was planning an attack in europe and france is most at risk. security around high profile tourist destinations like the eiffel tower has been increased. meanwhile, pac's interior minister tegorically denied rumors that osama bin laden is in pakistan. an unnamed nato source said al qaeda's number two a believed to be hiding in northwest pakist in hoes and not caves. he said bin laden would be arrested the moment they know whe he is and that he is an enemy of pakistan. u.s. special envoy richard holbrooke said he saw nothing new in the bin laden claim. the supreme court today agreed to consider an appeal that involves former attorney general john ashcroft. president obama's administration is supporting ashcroft in this ca. at issue is whether the former
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attorney general can't be sued by an american citizen who says he was detained and treated as a terrorist. the suit was filed by a man named abdula. he was arrted at dulles airport in 2003 as he got on a plane for saudi arabia, where he planned to pursue islamic studies. he was held for 15 nights as material witness in a broader terrorism investigation. they never did charge him. the american civil liberties unn, a pews ashcroft misused material witness laws. the justice department is supporting ashcroft because of the implications that case could have in prosecutions in the future. it's an unusual election season to say the least. many voter are so disaffected, they say they probably won't even go to the poll. elsewhere, emotions are so sfng some mid-tm candidates getting into the equivalent of
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shoving match. >> reporter: a tea party campaign kicked off by sarah palin in nevada. where tea partier sharron angle could topple reid. >> he tea party americans, you're winning >> reporter: tea party emotion spans the nation. two term colorado house democrat could lose to tea partier ryan frazier. is this a slap? >> come on. be honest. >> i did, too. >> don't hit me, man. >> reporter: in kentucky, tea party senate candidate rand paul says he is angry. >> we haven't fully decided but i'm not sure if i'll appear in public with someone who will question my religion. >> reporter: jack conway did in a tv ad about paul as a youth. >> call the holy bible a hoke. reporter: the tea party republican refused to shake his
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hand after the debate. a symbol of these mid-term. >> you see cable. you see on it talk radio. people feel like, i would say as far as like a hatred for the other side. >> reporr: can barack and michel obama change the tone or at least save some seats for their democrats? in federal court today, virginia's tea party backed attorney general argued that obama health care reform is unconstitutional for requiring allmericans to buy insurance. a new vote on health care could be ahead if voters already casting ballots, give republicans a house majority. >> there is bad news for democrats from the ap poll. among those who voted for president obama in 2008, only half now say they will definitely vote november 2. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. emotions are so inflamed in the kentucky senate race, the
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tea party candidate said he may skip the last debate with his opponent next week. bk of america announced today that it plans to resume foreclosures in 23 states next week. the bank will refile paperwork. the company said it will continue to delay about 30,000 foreclosures. in the meantime, one of washington's best addresses fell into foreclosure and will be on the auction block later this week. the st. regis hotel at 16 and k two blocks from the white house. hotel official saye have american president has visit that had property since calvin coolidge cut the ribbon at the grand opening in 1926. the hel used to be called the carlton back then. the st. regis was bought in 2007 by a brave equity firm based in ireland. on friday, it goes on the auction block.
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still ahead, facebook is being criticized after apps breach people's privacy. and in maryland, they say they've made the largest cocaine bust in quite some time. martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives ises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that prod maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you.
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facebook is accused of breaking its own rules on its own privacy policy. a wall street report found many of the site's most popular applications are sharing personly identifiable information with advertising and internet tracking company. the apps are providing access to name to at left a 25 advertising and data firm. among those named is zinga, the developers of faville, texas hold them poker, mafia world and
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others as well as quiz planet and treasure isle. facebook says it is trying to contain the brea. >> wow! >> i don't do any of those on facebook. >> me either. you have to have a lot of free time to know what all that stuff is. >>farmville is apparently huge. people keep sending me cows and stuff. >> stay away from it. >> pretty good. it's been a pretty good day out there today. other areas of the world, not so good. here, not bad at all. you need a jacket. we saw some sunshine intermixed with some cloud cover. this is some videout of the northwest d.c. not too ba across the other side of the world toward the philippines, a major storm there. a super typhoon. the strongest storm came onshore with 140-mile-an-hour winds. now it is heading toward china and 0,000 people in china just to the south of hong kong had been evacuated.
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so a lot of tropical storminess out there. for s, not too bad at all. live digital radar showing things are pretty much clear. these are showers tha made their way toward maryland, portions of montgomery couldn't and toward baltimore. that is now out of here as it moves off toward the east. off toward the west toward western maryland, east and west virginia, more showers trying to make their way in. these are very light showers, if not sprinkles that will continue toove through the region over the next couple hours. 28 all the cldiness we still saw high temperatu 68 degrees during the day today. we saw that number as a result of some sunshine that we saw a little earlier today. again, 68. that was actually ove the average high of 67 this time of year. cloudy and cool. a few showers to the nor. right now, 66 degrees. the sun has me its way down and will continue toet a little darker as we move through
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the evening hours. 68 in culpeper and satellite and radar showing the cloud cover. one finger of moisture now way into the atlantic. these showers and these clouds are moving through rather quickly. watch this. right in here we see more showers forming. that will try to dip down. we have a frontal boundary across the region. to the south, a lot warmer. 54 in detroit. 51 in buffalo. that front will continue to sag down to the south. we're in for a couple of cloudy, cool days with a couple showers throughout as well. this won't be a very aroundy pattern but i would take umbrella with you or theext couple days as that frontal boundary meanders. this evening, mostly cloudy, a bit cool. 55 to 69 degrees. temperatures will fall off and we may see a couple of showers to the north. most sbli maryland throughout the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy tomorrow. 47 to 52 degrees. as we move through the day, an
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isolated shower, mostly to the noh. we'll continue to watch out for themselves to 63 to 66 degrees. and through the day on wednesday, i think a better chance for just about everybody to see the chance of a shor. once again, nothing heavy. highs around 64. 67 on thursday. not a bad day. and then a lot cooler on friday. 63 for the high. but everybody will be into the 40s. if not the upper 30s. >> maybe enough towet the leaves. >> just enough. not a lot. still ahead, d.c. police release surveillance video of a man suspected in a murder earlier this month. >> reporter: this is chris gordon. two teenage boys suffer serious injuries when their motor scooter is hit. the owner of this mercedes is cooperating with police investigators. i'll have a report ahead. and voter run to the polls on t first day of early voting in the district. >> reporter: coming up in
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sports, the seahawk. and the redskins are saying enough with the missed opportunities. and honored at halftime of last night's game. bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. t he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion
6:29 pm
in taxes and fees... including prerty taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutti education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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two teenagers are hospitalized after a car crashed into them. the driver othe car that hit them left the scene. a few hours later he turned himself into police. >> this all happened aft midnight in rockville. this afternoon, police released pictures of the silver mercedes involved in that know. the driver is not been charged at this point. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: it happened just after midnight on veirs mill road. two men were hit from behind by a silver mercedes and dragged. witnesses told pole at first the car stopped but then drove off, leaving the driver and passenger from the scooter lying injured on the roadway. >> the two tnagers were attended to and transported to a local trauma center. the 19-year-old driver remains in serious condition and the 16-year-old passenger is hospitalized in critical
6:32 pm
condition. >> reporter: police identified the victims as 19-year-old mario hernanz of the 5000 block of aspen hill road. police say he was driving the motocooter. his passeer is identified as 16-year-olnoel hernandez mendoza from evanston street in rockville. police on morning tv newscasts asked the driver of the sier mercedes to come forward. >> it happened to me. i wonder -- it's scary. >> reporter: you ride a motorcycle? >> yes, si >> reporter: 11 hours after the know, at midday, police stay driver turned himself in. >> we know where the vehicle is. at this time the investigators are speaking with him and other investigators are applying for a search warrant. so we can take it into custody. >> reporter: police investigators took these pictures of the silver mercedes at the owner's home. these police provided photos show damage to the front end and the windshield. the owner of the vehicle has not
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been charged with any crime. investigators areorking with the accident reconstruction team to determine how it happened. >> it wl be up to investigators working with the state's attorney to determine what if any criminal charges are filed in question, this know. chris gordon, news4. >> police say they want to take a look at that car to see if there is any evidence that might tie it to the crash. maryland state police are investigating a deadly cra that shut down part of the beway for most of the day. police say they were responding to a report of a stopped vehicle on the inner loop at old georgetown road. before the troopers could get there, a tractor-trailer truck haing beer slammed into the stopped vehicle. the beer truck went off the road and hit a tree. the drive was killed. he has been identified as 49-year-old jeffrey from verona, virginia. the drive was seriously injured.
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it is not yet clear why the car was stopped on the inner loop. police in the district are asking for help to solve a murder stery. it happened last week in southeast shington. police say the man is a suspect in the murder of 20-year-old. he was found dead after an alteation at a shell staon. >> my suspect, there are two females. got into some type of argument. it escalated in front o the store and carried over to the parkinlot which is othe back side of the shell gas station. police say besides the man in the black jacket, they want to talk to two womenn the store and another man captured on video, tying run of the women's shoe laces. the sheriff's office in calvert down say they have taken a drug king off the streets. after a four-month investigation, they arrested him. e sheriff showed off what they confiscated. they say they found a combined
6:35 pm
900 grams of sxoek crack i know what $14,000 in cash. this was the largest drug bust this year in the county. the sheriff's office says they do speck to make more arrests. early voting began today. yor fenty declined to support the effort to write in the name for mayor saying he is blocking vincent gray. tom sherwood reports. >> these are ballots to write fenty in. >> reporter: volunteers offered how to write in fenty. there was even a stamp to make it easy. as the first day of early voting began in the district, a trickle was coming in. >> we believe we can win. enough support throughout among democrats, registered independents, registered republans to make history in d.c.
6:36 pm
meanwhile a small group of citizens march in support of t democratic winner vincent gray. the overwhelming ferret in the november 2 election. >> t primary said what the people of the city believe in. i support vince gray. i support the democratic process. this time is over. >> reporter: in georgetown as he arrived with jk eva to celebrate the reopening ofhe georgetown library -- fenty reiterated his statementfriday that he is supporting gray. that the voters made the right choice in september. but fenty would not tell any voter now how to vote. >> i would never tell anybody w tovote. i merely say that i am supporting vincent gray. not only because he is the democratic nominee but i believe the citizens are right. >> i appreciate what the mayor has done.
6:37 pm
i think as a democrat ig rty, we need come together. make sure we get all of our candidates elected. i applaud the mayor and express my appreciation for what he's done. >> news4, washington. early voting will continue over the next ten days except for sunday. four more polling placesill open on saturday. coming up, a new air traffic control tower coming to the second busiest airport. second busiest airport. and new safety bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... expt for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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today was the official ground breaking forhe frederick municipal airport. the federal aviation administration is funding $5.3 million tower. construction supposed to start rightaway. it should be finished in about 18 months. the second busiest airport in maryland in takeoffs and landings. it is used for private jetsnd not for commercial planes. a check on e weather? >> that must have been right before. we had some showers come through the area. maybe more showers on the way for portions of maryland. right now, 66 degrees. the current temperature out there. the winds are calm. a pretty nice night. we are looking at moly cloudy if not cloudy skies. satellite and radar showing a storm system. a frontal boundary to the south. to the nor we're seeing some rain. some of that rain is developing
6:41 pm
toward western maryland and parts of east and west virginia. it will continue to move into our region overnight. so expected some showers, especially into east and before and maryland. not just tonight but into tomorrow morning as well. so tomorrow, a 40% chance of showers to the south of d.c. i think you'll be all ght. but most of maryland, you should at least have a chance of rain. 65 for a high tomorrow. 64 on whence just about everybody getsinto the act some of showers. this won'tbe heavy rain but we will see some shower activity. you will likely need umbrella. thursday and friday, drying out and cooling of only around 63 degrees. that will come with some sunshine. the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. there was a science fair at the white house today. it celebrated students from all over they award winning projects inmath and science. president obama took nearly an hour to look over all the projects which ranged from a
6:42 pm
hydro electric water purification system to cancer therapies. when he spoke to the students, the president expressed concern about erican students getting outpaced by other countries in math and science. and he said victories like the ones he saw today are not getting the attention they deserve. >> when you win first place at a science fair, nobody is rushing the field or dumping gatorade over your head. but in many ways, our future depends on what happens in those contests. >> president obama said he wants to see u.s. students rise to the top in math and science throughout the world evidence to next decade. >> how cool would that be to get to explain your science project to the president? >> i cannot imagine. bu i know that has to be, you know, got to make them feel pretty good. speaking of people getting gatorade dumped on their head, not likely t happen to our men.
6:43 pm
>> i was going to say how about a science project, how about the redskins? we've got so much to talkñr abo. will albert haynesworth remain a zmin bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amnts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property tax... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises.. with no plans pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we canrust.
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there is a whole lot of sub headlines out there at the park, aren't there? >> it's funny. you're right. there are a lot of side bar stories. one of them is chris cooley's injury. he had just said he was feeling a little groggy. he he suffered a concussion yesterday. because of that, they said he feel a little shaky and they're going to re-evaluate him this week. tloibs skis hope he'll be able to be throughout on sun. if not mike shanahan that, he is confident that fed davis can take his place. meanwhile the redskins, they've shown a lot of fight. like cooley did he was injured and played through the rest of the game pretty much. this team played to the en. they came so close but they had missed oortunities on defense. the offense couldn't really capitalize. if they could have beaten the colts, this would have been one of their biggest wins thus far.
6:47 pm
with the colts, peyton manning made them pay early on. manning the very first play he had, throws a 57-yard bomb to wide receiver pierre garcon. the colts were on the board first because of the redskins' mistake. but the redskins did not quit after that touchdown. after the redskins in the enwere able to cut the lead to three. donavan mcnabb had the opportunity for thewin. 32 seconds left. he is looking for joey galloway. it is intercepted by francisco. the redskins lose 27-24. mike summarizes his emotions. >>e had plenty of chances to put the game away. the interceptions we should have had. catches we should have made. i mean, he have time we go back and we come to a close game, we leave the yards out there. cannot take the plays off.
6:48 pm
we can't not make catches. we have to try to compete and do he go possible in the game. >> any time you have a guy who has been around, he's won championships. he's won oh level. they didn't make the layups. i'm out there. the first touch on the game, 7-0. and then got four back. fought back hark chce to win it. a little too late. >> the redskins' corneack is very close friends about the defensive lineman albert haynesworth. he has a lot of confidence in haynesworth. whereas fans, a lot wonder if he will be able to make an impact for the team. tomorrow trade deadline is 4:0 p.m. in the press conference today mike shanahan said if you read between the lines, albert haynesworth will remain a
6:49 pm
redskin. he was disappointed that he couldn't get out there on the field yesterday. a lot of folks saw this on the telecast. albert hayneswor was inactive yesterday. as many inactive do, he was watching from a suite. he expected he would play, possibly even start after coming back from time away to attend his younger brother's funeral. how, shanahan, though he has been very sympathetic to albert's situation, he confirm he will be on the team when the deadline passes. >> if inthat you guys would know for sure so i try to keep you guessing a little bit. >> like bruce saying it isn't enough i take it then. >> you never know. have to wait. there's a pretty good chance that he won't be traded. are you comfortable saying he'll an redskin? >> i'll be so glad when this is over. we've been answering this question every day for si months. you have to wait and e.
6:50 pm
>> you can read between the lines. there i believe one of the bottom lines is the redskins aren't able to get rid of albert haynesworth' contract. how, mike shahan is quick to say that he does believe they can get him up to speed and make him a viable part of this defense. the redskins, meanwhile, have put such a focus alumni relations. and yesterday at halftime, they did something. their first homecoming of sorts. the key focus was russ graham. the key to the line that was known as one of the best. at halftime of last night's game, the former hog, the three-time superowl winner, he was recently inducted with honor on the feel. he was given his ring. the other two symbols are the blazer and the bronze bust. he sums up the emotion of the moment. >> i want to say a special
6:51 pm
thanks to this group, an offensive lineman doesn't get to the hall of fame by himself. played beside some great guys. i played with some great people behind me. i blade some good defenses. and i was blessed with a good coaching staff. i'll say thislastly. i play in front of the greatest footll fans in the history of the game and on my behalf and behalf of all the guys that played with me, you make it special to wear the burgundy and gold. >> russ graham, one of the best players ever to play for the redskins. so the redskins so far the past couple week have faced aaron
6:52 pm
rodgers, then peyton manning. next week they're going to get jay cutler. he is good. his protection is not. he has been sacked 15 tim the last two game he's played. six time yesterday. let me take you to the field. they we playing the seahawk. jay cutler was making his return after sitting out last week's game with a concussion. third quarter. the bear are down by onepoint. he drops back. he is sack by jason babineaux. cutler recovers it in the he said zone. the seahawks sack him six times. two minutes to go. seattle up ten. that is always a bad idea. he fields the punt and his own 11 yard line. he goeleft. picks up a couple blocks along the way. he's gone 89 yards. the 13th kick return touchdown in his career. chicago would need to recover the onside kick for a chae to tie or win it. robby gets the bounce.
6:53 pm
not a bear in sight. john carlson recovers it. cutler is not. the bears fl 23-20 to the seahawk. let's go to the eagle. kevin kchbolb. we take you to the first quarter. the eagles are up 7-0. the ball on the 34 yard line. kevin is trying to make the most here with the play action. kicks his time. deep down the middle. a 34-yard scoring. the second touchdown of the game. philadelphia in front 3-0. second quarter. gets rid of it. look to the top of the screen. see it again. a brutal hit. both playersown on the feel for several minutes. both players were able to walk off the field with help. they improve to 4-2.
6:54 pm
they will not play next week. they hope he can play the two weeks. this concussion is huge in the nfl. so many players injured yesterday for the redskins. the primary concern is chris cooley. >> thanks. still ahead, new cpr guidelines take effect today. and we'll tellou about a [ male announcer ] lookg for a complete picture of your money? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a money bar that shows what's scheduled to go out, what you've put aside... and how much you really have available, right now to spend on the things you want. and you can free up money with a simple slide. it's built to help make your financial life a whole lot easier.
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experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all
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for the first time in 40 years, they are issuing new guidelines regarding cpr. it puts more emphasis on keeping the blood flowing. people are now being told to start with hard fast chest compressions before giving mouth to mouth. under the old rules, people were told to start with the breast but studies show heart attack victim do better when rescuers begin immediate when i chest compressions and theswitch to breathing. chest compressions keep the blood pumping which can keep vital organs alive. doug is here with the update onhe weather. >> the thing about tomorrow, we'll see a chance of rain. it won't be a lot of rain. i don't speck most of us to see any. if you live in maryland, i would
6:58 pm
take umbrella as you head out tonight and into tomorrow morning. not a bad shot. we are looking at plenty of cloud cover. temperaturewise we're sitting at 64 degrees. 57 back toward frederick. right around 61 at the ars force base. a frontal boundary to the south. we're seeing the rain tohe north. it is diving southbound. it will continue into earl tomorrow. 65 degrees f a hig it shifts to southern maryland. highs around 64, 67 on thursday. 63 on friday. and as we move through the extended outlook, we wl see the temperatures stay in the 60s for the most part. a little on the cool side as we head into the week. right now most of the weekend is looking okay. >> thank you. coming up tonight, we hope
6:59 pm
to have the decision from a judge hearing the government's request to thrift injunction on the don't ask, don't tell policy. and one community's bylaws restrict minorities from moving in. and the heroes who prevented a gunman from entering the holocaust museum will be honored in washington. last week, susan bought herself a house at an auction in farmington hill, michigan. hit fall sgreen foreclosure and there was a fire two years ago. that is the house behind the tree. she said she thought a little love and a lot of effort could turn it into a proper place to call home. that the use, that was it behind the tree. there's nothing left. when she got there on saturday to do some restoration work, the house was gone. the city is sending a bulldozer to demolish it. it turns out the city scheduled the house for demolition last month. just now getting arou


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